May 3, 2021
Elzra April 2021 Update
Welcome to my April update covering everything I’ve been busy working on this past month. Catacombs Red Box The stretch goal content for the Castles 2E + Black Box campaign will be collected in the Red Box expansion.  Development work on this new content, which features many ideas from our backers, continued during the month of April. Shipping Capacity Challenges Continue You can read all of the details about the coming “shipping tsunami” in this article from Freight Waves. May is expected to be even crazier. I spoke to my contact from Apex Logistics last week and he expects supply chains to be stretched on the trans-Pacific lanes for all of 2021 and into 2022. Catacombs 3E and Cavern of Soloth The next printing of the Cavern expansion has shipped from the factory (we were lucky to secure space on a vessel) with an estimated arrival at the Vancouver port on May 5th where it will clear customs. The container will then be shipped across Canada via rail and delivered to our warehouse. Monster Pit We continued to develop the Tabletop Simulator (TTS) mod for Monster Pit Overworld. I’m hoping to release the mod soon so players can try it. The game is fully co-op, supports up to four players and also supports solo play. A fifth player can optionally control the Catacomb Lord instead of the AI.  Examples of the cards from the Stables, Wyvern Roost, King’s Keep, and Town Hall decks: Catacombs Conquest Event Horizon Expansion The Catacombs Conquest Event Horizon expansion was submitted for print and the BGG entry was approved. These 60 new cards allow Conquest to be played in a new way. There is an unlisted Tabletop Simulator Mod where you can try this expansion with the final version of the cards and rules. Phantom Division […]
June 8, 2021
Elzra May 2021 Update
This is my May (now late) update covering everything I’ve been busy working on this past month. Shipping Capacity Challenges Continue Shipping and logistics challenges continued throughout May and show no signs of abating. Here is the latest ocean freight update from Apex Logistics: OCEAN FREIGHT AND US PORT UPDATES Carriers announced new FAK (Freight All Kinds) rates from June 1st onward Market rate for East and North China continue to increase Demand remains strong for all lanes. Space showing no improvement, vessels are full with heavy roll over. Carriers are restricting weight due to Panama Canal low water levels. Delay is worsening in South China due to port closure as well as the Covid situation in Yantian. Vessel delay remains around 7-14 days for all lanes Bookings to LA/LB (Los Angeles/Long Beach) are still overbooked with heavy roll over through at least mid June Bookings to PNW (US Pacific Northwest) remains full often with double rolling Bookings to USEC (US East Coast) no space guarantees even with Premium, and double/triple roll may occur Significant drop in vessels anchored in LA/LB, shifting to anchoring in Yantian due to terminal closure Port of LA/LB remains congested, but making progress. Truck power is challenging, taking up to 12 days lead time to secure local trucker. Port of OAK (Oakland) wait times reduces from 12 to 10 days, one of five berths at OICT is scheduled to be available next week with 3 new cranes operational, which will provide relief of the backlog soon. Port of Seattle/Tacoma drayage (trucking) challenges continue, shippers need 10+ days to secure trucker Dallas ramp chassis availability is tight at BNSF Alliance ramp, but adequate supply at UP Dallas Chicago ramp rail congestion and chassis shortages continue Port of NY strong volume continues with some berthing congestion, with truckers and chassis in […]