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Welcome to! The home of the award winning Catacombs line of board games.

Catacombs Conquest Box Cover

Catacombs Conquest™

Catacombs Conquest™ is the newest installment in the Catacombs world! A compact, entry level dexterity game that is great for families and introducing your friends to Catacombs. Available now!

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Catacombs Third Edition Box Cover

Catacombs™ Third Edition

First published in 2010 and now in its third edition, Elzra’s award winning tabletop game, Catacombs™ is a unique tabletop fantasy experience where players skillfully flick wooden discs representing heroes, monsters, fireballs and more. Up to four players control a party of heroes who cooperatively use spells and abilities to defeat the monsters and eventually the Catacomb Lord. The game is designed for quick setup and fast play.

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Wyverns of Wylemuir Box Cover

Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir™

A brand new expansion with compatibility with both Catacombs Third Edition and Catacombs & Castles. Includes a new double sided game board, eight Wyvern characters that heroes can ride, new items, area of effect templates, new rooms, monsters, and more! Recipient of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

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Watch it Played - Catacombs Conquest

Dexterity Game System Logo

Dexterity Game System

Elzra Corp’s Dexterity Game System™ is our industry leading game framework applicable to both physical tabletop games and digital video games. The Dexterity Game System provides a common framework for many of our game titles, by standardizing the rules and component interactions that make our disc shooting games enjoyable to play. As such, many of our games have a high level of compatibility that allows them to naturally expand upon each other.

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The Dice Tower - Catacombs 3rd Edition Video Review


Catacombs won the Golden Geek Award from for Innovation for 2010 and won the Dice Tower best innovative game award for 2010. Out of 22 nominated titles, Catacombs was chosen for the top 5 short list for the 2011 Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming. Against some tough competitors, Catacombs was chosen as Geek Dad's game of the year for 2011.

Catacombs Third Edition has received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence and was the first title to receive the Indie Game Alliance's Seal of Quality. Catacombs Third Edition has also been recommended by Tric Trac (France), Sweet Kicks with Bricks (USA) and We're Not Wizards (UK).

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