Build the exciting new Monument structure type in this expansion for Catacombs Cubes! Monuments take plenty of resources to build, but once placed on the board, open up huge reward potential for their owner. Double down and build a second one!

The Monuments expansion adds two new heroes to choose from, and expands the maximum number of players in a single game from four to six!

This expansion also adds new resources, Village Tiles, Park Tiles, Palaces, and more!
1-6 Players
30-60 Minutes
Ages 14+


Features & Gameplay

New Heroes

Meet Beeble the Dwarf and Regulus the Vampire Noble. Two new heroes in Catacombs Cubes: Monuments, which expand the game up to six players.

New Monument Structure Tiles

The Monument Tiles are placed on the Planning Board, one per player. Any player can build the top-most Monument Tile if they have the required resources. When a player builds the Monument, they place the tile in the Village Grid and take ownership of the Tile, much like a Residence Tile.

Like the Residence Tile, the owner of the Monument is rewarded when another player builds adjacent to the tile. Unlike a Residence Tile however, the owner receives any Coin of their choice from the Town's Treasury. Players can build up to two Monument Tiles each.

New Resources

This expansion introduces the new Gold and Marble resource types. These valuable new resources add plenty of new ways to build, and can help when building taller, more complex structures.

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