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Catacombs & Castles™ is a standalone dexterity tabletop game featuring both competitive and cooperative play modes, set in the land of Tellaryth.

Team Mode (up to eight players), features teams of heroes representing the Catacomb forces versus those from the Castle in a fast paced, dexterity battle. Boss Mode (up to four players), enables players to command a team of heroes to defeat a powerful Catacomb or Castle Lord, controlled by their opponent.

The game is based on Elzra’s Dexterity Game System™, so for players who are familiar with Catacombs™ Third Edition, the learning curve will be minimal.
2-8 Players
30-60 Minutes
Ages 14+


Product Name:
Catacombs & Castles

ELZ-1200 / ELZ-1200DM (2nd Edition with Playmats)
Product Type:
Standalone Tabletop Game

Integrates With:
Catacombs Third Edition
Box Dimensions
12.8" x 12.8" x 3"

Release Date
1.25 kg

Current Printing
2nd Edition, First Printing (2022)

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