Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth™

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Cavern of Soloth Product Box

  • Explore the Cavern of Soloth™ with six amazing new heroes including the Paldin, Witch Hunter and Sorceress
  • Battle four new Catacomb Lords including the Queen of the Underworld
  • Crush monsters with new weapons including the Iris Wand, Warhammer and Vampire Sword
  • Features 110 cards, 40 wooden pieces and more
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About The Game

Cavern of Soloth™ is the first expansion for the award winning dexterity tabletop game, Catacombs™ Third Edition. As a content expansion, it features new cards and wooden components.

Players will choose from the Paladin, Ice Princess, Centaur Warrior, Sorceress, Dwarf Miner or Witch Hunter and equip them with new spells and items.

New “flame column” wooden obstacle pieces replace those included with Catacombs to challenge experienced players.

Four powerful Catacomb Lords, 18 monsters and 39 room cards provide maximum replay value.

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Catacombs Third Edition Box


Product Name
Cavern of Soloth™ (Third Edition)
Product Type
Tabletop Expansion
Compatible With
Catacombs Third Edition
Play Time
60-90 Minutes
Minimum Age
Number of Players
Box Dimensions
6" x 6" x 1.75"
Release Date
0.4 kg
Current Printing
3rd Edition, 2nd Printing

Box Contents

  • Instruction Manual
  • 5x Sticker Sheets
  • 12x Hero Cards
  • 13x Ability Cards
  • 15x Item Cards
  • 12x Catacomb Lord Cards
  • 18x Monster Cards
  • 1x Antient Card
  • 39x Room Cards
  • 6x Orange Extra Large Wood Discs
  • 6x White Medium Wood Discs
  • 2x White Small Wood Discs
  • 5x Gray Medium Wood Discs
  • 6x Orange Medium Wood Discs
  • 3x Green Medium Wood Discs
  • 3x Blue Medium Wood Discs
  • 2x Black Large Wood Discs
  • 2x Green Large Wood Discs
  • 1x Orange Large Wood Disc
  • 1x Brown Large Wood Disc
  • 2x Blue Large Wood Discs
  • 1x Purple Large Wood Disc


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