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This form is intended for retailers, reviewers, convention representatives, licensees and other business partners to contact us. General pre-sales questions from prospective customers can also be submitted here. Reviewers: please note that our supply of review copies is extremely limited and we favour English language publications, podcasts and video influencers.


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Catacombs: Request Replacement Parts
If you're missing wooden pieces or other components for one of our games click on its image below and complete the online form. You will receive a confirmation email; however we do not reply to these forms personally. Also, please note that we batch process these requests.

Third Edition

Catacombs 3rd Edition- Request Parts Catacombs - Cavern of Soloth - Replace Missing Pieces

German Language Edition Support

For German edition support, please click here.



Manual Downloads

Retail update: Both Catacombs Third Edition and the Cavern of Soloth expansion sold out quickly at wholesale and are available at retail as of the end of November, 2015. Due to strong sales, we are in the process of planning a reprint. If you are having trouble finding either title, some online stores in Canada may have copies as distributors in that country still have some stock. We are investigating making some copies available online from our own website as well.

Other common questions:

Can I buy the Zombie Horde and Chicks in a Catacomb Kickstarter Add-Ons? Yes, right here on our website.

Where can I find a copy of the manual? Visit the Catacombs Downloads Page for a copy of the manual and other downloads.

Requests for replacement pieces were last sent out: April-26-2017.