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General Support

For general consumer questions, concerns, issues, or anything else, please contact us directly using the button below.

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Product Support

For reporting missing components, damage, or defects with your game(s), please fill out this form.
Have an older product (Catacombs Third Edition First Printing, Cavern of Soloth Third Edition First Printing)? Please contact us using the general support channel above. Please note that Catacombs First and Second Edition are no longer officially supported.

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Business Inquiries

This form is intended for retailers, reviewers, convention representatives, licensees and other business partners to contact us. General pre-sales questions from prospective customers can also be submitted here. Reviewers: please note that our supply of review copies is extremely limited and we favour English language publications, podcasts and video influencers.

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German Language Support

Support for the German editions of our games is provided by our German publisher, Schwerkraft Verlag.

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