Turn Summary

1. Exploration Phase

Flip over next unrevealed room card.  If it is the Catacomb Lord card begin the Final Battle (see page 14).  Otherwise, proceed to Setup Phase.

2. Setup Phase

Take game board indicated on room card and place obstacles in holes. Players place their heroes in the hero start zone. Overseer places monsters from room card in monster start zone.

3. Battle Phase

Round Starts

Hero’s Turn - Players perform an action for heroes they control in any order:

Elf / Wizard / Barbarian / Thief / Allies (if present).

Overseer’s Turn - Overseer performs all Monster Actions.

Any incapacitated pieces from the previous round return to their normal state.

Round Ends

All Heroes dead or incapacitated?

Yes: Game Over - Overseer wins

No: Any Monsters still present in room?

--> Yes: New Battle Phase Round starts.

--> No: Battle Phase ends, Resolution Phase starts.

4. Resolution Phase

Players receive gold in the form of currency cards for the monsters they killed and return them to the monster pool. Then start a new Exploration Phase.