Horde of Vermin


Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin box artwork

Rats, bats, snakes! While exploring the Catacomb the heroes encounter hordes of them crawling and flying everywhere! Horde of Vermin is a new expansion for Catacombs. In the base game, the heroes valiantly fight monsters from the dungeon, mythological, infernal and undead family. This expansion introduces the vermin family: seven new monsters from hordes of Rats to the horrendous Remorhaz who crawl from the sewers to challenge the heroes. Do not be deceived by the diminutive size of these monsters, with their ability to instill fear and inflict poison attacks on even the most battle hardened warriors. Left untreated, poisoned heroes can meet a swift end.

Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin features:

  • 7 monsters from the new vermin family including the Remorhaz and Wyvern
  • new poison, fear and critical fireball shot modifiers
  • new monster variants to replace those found in the base Catacombs game including the Dire Ghoul and Dread Scorpion
  • new spells for the Wizard
  • new Vermin Blade item that all heroes can wield
  • new wandering monster rules for the vermin family

Included in the box:  new monster, item, spell and room cards, 22 wooden pieces, 21 poison cards, 2 sticker sheets, instructions

Also included are new rules and enhanced cards for owners of the Cavern of Soloth expansion.

Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin expansion requires the base Catacombs game to play.

Download the Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin manual as a PDF

Horde of Vermin was released in March 2012.

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin components photo

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin all cards and wooden pieces in the box


Catacombs: Horde of Vermin retail box photo

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin retail box


Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin new monster cards photo

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin monster cards


Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin wooden pieces photo

Catacombs: Horde of Vermin wooden pieces