Card Lists

Catacombs Base Game

(0) Bholoth Cemetery
(0) Zotha's Gatehouse
(0) The Outer Bailey
(0) Sarhlat Antechamber
(1) Ashata
(1) Stoneloth Crossroads
(1) Forge Of Gnoth
(1) Forbidden Ossuary
(1) Vault Of Whispers
(1) Moghath
(1) Chagnar's Lair
(1) The Scavewyrm Pit
(1) Merulian Waste
(1) Hidden Passageway
(1) Summoning Chamber
(1) The Barracks
(1) The Isthalle Portal
(1) Phoitar
(1) Larkwrayth Prison
(1) The Cavern Of Torhak
(1) Colonnade Of Chaos
(1) Mosarr Ironworks
(1) Stormtryne Hall
(1) The Armoury
(2) Lalothost Crypts
(2) Vaiel's Manse
(2) Sagomot
(2) Stelloth Crematorium
(2) Sepulcher Of The Sisters
(2) The Athenoch Mortuary
(2) Chomatha Bridge
(2) Krhlot
(2) Tomb Of Kings
(2) Monoliths To Xokarst
(SR) Vysara, The Healer
(SR) Althea, The Healer
(SR) Izchak, The Merchant
(SR) Catacomb Lord
(M) Giant Scorpion
(M) Orc
(M) Troll
(M) Fire Demon
(M) Fire Spirit
(M) Crypt Spider
(M) Ghoul
(M) Skeleton Archer
(M) Skeleton Warrior
(M) Zombie
(M) Centaur
(M) Cerberus
(M) Minotaur
(I) Chain Lightning (wizard)
(I) Familiar (wizard)
(I) Helm of Rage (barbarian)
(I) Throwing Axe (barbarian)
(I) Magic Quiver (elf)
(I) Enchanted Bow (elf)
(I) Poisoned Knife (thief)
(I) Cloak of Invisibility (thief)
(I) Map (any hero)
(S) Fireball
(S) Fireball
(S) Fireball
(S) Drain Energy
(S) Drain Energy
(S) Summon Skeleton
(S) Summon Skeleton
(S) Shield
(S) Shield
(S) Magic Missile
(S) Teleport Hero
(S) Heal
Total 72 cards

28x 100 coin mini cards
12x 500 coin mini cards

Catacombs:  Cavern of Soloth

(0) The Battlements
(0) The Secret Staircase
(1) The Urcak Pit
(1) Nothoru Crossing
(1) Flooded Shrine
(1) Chalmor Arena
(1) The Sewer Tunnels
(1) Crypt of Shaurath
(1) Orsharsh Graveyard
(1) Cave of the Blood Scribes
(1) Tromsarth Hall
(1) Matinya's Cellar
(1) Pyramid of Omens
(1) Korog Stronghold
(1) Malvarn Grotto
(1) The Lekraith Tomb
(1) Barothir Swamp
(1) Dorill Cave
(2) Nolothag Dungeon
(2) Temple of Yagotha
(2) Labyrinth of Visions
(2) The Breeding Pits
(2) Fortress of Nale
(2) The Covert Monument
(2) Sacthar Cenotaph
(2) The Phaoslay Realm
(2) Cavern of Soloth
(2) Ursastha (bonus room card)
(SR) Beeble, The Merchant
(SR) Altar Of Soloth
(M) Siren
(M) Gargoyle
(M) Manticore
(M) Shade
(M) Wight
(M) Vampire
(M) Orc Wolf Rider
(M) Rust Monster
(M) Lizard Man
(M) Infernal Acolyte
(M) Salamander
(M) Phoenix
(I) Acolyte's Tome (sorceress)
(I) Iris Wand (sorceress)
(I) Ice Bracelet (ice princess)
(I) Ice Orb (ice princess)
(I) Mirror Shield (ice princess)
(I) Gauntlets (paladin)
(I) War Hammer (paladin/barbarian)
(I) Sylvan Arrow Barrage (elf)
(I) Cursed Scroll (any hero)
(I) Ethereal Amulet (any hero)
(I) Dwarf Miner (ally) (any hero)
(I) Healing Salve (any hero)
(I) Ice Sword (any hero)
(I) Iron Crown (any hero)
(I) Phoenix Feather (any hero)
(I) Quicksilver Potion (any hero)
(I) Stone Hammer (any hero)
(I) Vampire Sword (any hero)
(A) Blood Amulet
(A) Skull Staff
(A) Orc Hide Shield
(A) Skeleton Hand
(A) Fang Necklace
(A) Bone Dagger
(A) Flame Sword
Total 66 cards

10x 1000 coin mini cards

Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin

(I) Vermin Blade
(S) Cure Poison
(S) Cure Poison
(S) Giant Fireball
(M) Pit Viper
(M) Vampire Bat
(M) Sewer Rat
(M) Blood Skull
(M) Armoured Beetle
(M) Wyvern
(M) Remorhaz
(VM) Savage Centaur
(VM) Dread Scorpion
(VM) Venomous Spider
(VM) Dire Ghoul
(VM) Elder Vampire
(0) The Culvert
(1) The Mitholaq Hive
(1) The Scullery
(1) Forthstron River
(1) The Storeroom
(1) Bloodsworn Crypt
(1) Shannotul
(1) Abbos Lookout
(1) Phauggat Mine
(1) The Vermin Hovel
(1) Ruined Sanctuary
(1) Fetid Aqueduct
(1) Wychward Burrow
(1) The Lava Pools
(1) Sarhologh
(1) Oakhearth Hall
(2) Nest Of Vipers
(2) Ersothak's Keep
(2) Qurlathorm
(2) Lair Of The Cormarel
(2) Lysolath
(2) M'othole Cemetery
(2) Castle Mephoth
(2) Necrogoragion
(SR) Maireya The Healer
(R) Wandering Monster / Shot Types reference
Total 42 cards

21x poison mini cards

Catacombs:  Dark Passageways

(R) Cover / Rules
(1) Rampage!
(1) Vaiel's Archers
(1) Den of Thieves
(1) Ambush!
(1) Chagnar's Wrath
(1) Stoneloth Shields
(1) Raiders From Sagomot
(1) Hall of Mirrors
(1) Cave In
(1) Alewife Tavern
(1) Amaranth Healing Spring
(1) Dark Passage
(2) Summoning Ritual
(2) The Fires of Xokarst
(2) Horde of Vermin
(2) Sneak Attack
(2) Help From Beyond
Total 18 cards


(A) - Artifact
(I) - Item
(M) - Monster
(0) - Level 0 Battle Room Card
(1) - Level 1 Battle Room Card
(2) - Level 2 Battle Room Card
(R) - Reference Card
(SR) - Special Room Card
(VM) - Variant Monster