Frequently Asked Questions About Elzra and the new edition of Catacombs

What happened to Sand of Time Games?

Sands of Time Games was merged with Elzra Corp in January 2014.  Existing distribution arrangements for Sands of Time Games' products have not changed.  Issues with the current line of Catacombs products will be supported by Elzra.  Aron West is the creative director for Elzra with Catacombs co-designers Ryan Amos and Marc Kelsey remaining involved in an advisory capacity.

Is this there going to be another printing of the base Catacombs game?

A very successful Kickstarter campaign was completed in April 2014 to fund the new third edition of Catacombs with bigger boards and updated artwork among other enhancements.  Our intention is that it will be the best Catacombs yet.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Existing Catacombs Product Line

Is the second edition of the existing base Catacombs game still in print?

We sold out in 2013.  As a result, please don't write requesting promotional copies:  we don't have any in stock.

Are the Catacombs expansions still available?

All of the current Catacombs expansions are still available; however stock is getting low.

Are there any differences between the first printing and second printings of the second edition of the base Catacombs game?

Only the award icons on the back of the box of the third printing (see below).

I just bought my copy of Catacombs and the set of wooden pieces is incomplete.  Can you help?

Yes we can - sorry for the inconvenience.   For copies of the first and second printing of the second edition of Catacombs with missing wooden pieces, please complete this online form.  For Catacombs:  Cavern of Soloth, please complete this online form.  For Catacombs:  Horde of Vermin, please complete this online form.  We'll ship replacement pieces within 48 hours and send you an email confirmation when they are on their way.  In some cases it may take longer to process your request depending on our stock levels.  We will email you if this is the case.

I've found a problem unrelated to missing wooden pieces with my copy of Catacombs.  What do I do now?

We stand behind our products and take customer satisfaction very seriously and apologize for any inconvenience.  Please complete and submit our support request form.  In most cases, we will respond to you within 48 hours.

Will I be able to buy Catacombs and the expansions from my local hobby store?

Probably yes, if the retailer sources products from one of the distributors listed below.

Will I be able to buy Catacombs in the UK and Europe?

Yes.  Catacombs and the expansions are distributed in both the UK and Europe.

Can I order Catacombs and the expansions directly from your website?

Short answer:  no.  We are now working with a network of global distributors (see below).  It is available now from online retailers and in your local game/hobby store.

How do I distinguish which edition of the base Catacombs game I have?

Examine the back of the box:

Catacombs first edition, first printing:  original Lich drawing

Catacombs second edition, first printing:  updated Lich drawing, example cards fanned out

Catacombs second edition, second printing:  same as second edition, first printing; however adds award icons in lower right corner on the back of the box.

Can I review your games?

We get many requests to review our products.  We consider each request on a case by case basis; however our capacity to send out review copies is extremely limited.

Where can I get a list of all of the cards included in Catacombs and the expansions?

Right here.

Do you accept game submissions?

Not at this time, no.

Will Sands of Time be attending any conventions in 2014 (Gencon, Origins, Spiel)?

We're not sure yet.

I'm a retailer or distributor.  How do I sell the Catacombs product line?

Our games will be available from major distributors including ones based in the US, Canada and Europe. Here is a partial list:

ACD Distribution
Alliance Game Distribution
GTS Distribution
WarPath Games Distribution
Arcane Tinmen
Avalon Trondheim
Brave New World
El Duende
El Viejo Tercio

Esdevium Games
Everest Wholesale
Grosnor Sports Cards
Lion Rampant
Paradigm Infinitum
Pegasus Spiele
Raven Distribution
STGS Edwin Games
Swan Panasia
Tabletop Games
Ulisses Spiele
Universal Distribution
Ventura Int'l
Walrus & Carpenter
Wargames Club

Contact us to explore alternate arrangements, if necessary.

Is my first edition of Catacombs compatible with the expansions?

Yes.  The second edition and the two expansions use the exact same card backs as the first edition of Catacombs.  The artwork of the monsters, heroes and Catacomb Lords (not the items or spells) was upgraded in places for the second edition of Catacombs while retaining the same style.  The result is an improvement in visual appearance that does not affect game play.  The second edition of Catacombs and the Cavern of Soloth expansion have a redesigned layout for the hero player mats, but major design elements (colours used, health markers etc) are the same as the first printing.  The player mats for the Catacomb Lords now feature a consistent dark gray background.  This improves text legibility and will likely be the biggest visual difference between the first and second editions.  There were minor changes to the manual and the back of the box.  All known printing errors and errata from the first edition of Catacombs were corrected in the second edition.  We worked hard to ensure that the colours of the wooden pieces in Cavern of Soloth match those of the first edition of Catacombs, though naturally there will be some minor variations.

Can I still get free replacement wooden pieces for the first edition of Catacombs?

Unfortunately, no.  We offered a free mass replacement program with the help of over 1 year ago.  Since then we have continued to send out free replacement sets when customers have contacted us on an individual basis.  We ran out of our supply of replacement sets in March, 2011. recently found some additional replacement sets in their warehouse and have made them available for sale on their site at our request.  Note, we believe we have dealt with the majority of customers affected by the issues in the first printing of Catacombs and we don't receive any compensation for sales of these sets.

Where can I download the Catacombs first edition manual?

Download the Catacombs 1st edition manual as a PDF