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The Keystones & Keeps backer exclusive expansion includes the "Keystone" game board with different pits (represented by "Pit" cards placed under the board) that heroes can fall into. An additional set of heroes for both the Castle and Catacomb teams are included. Heroes for Team Castle include the Berzerker Mage and his sidekick the Werebear, Baroness and Querlossus. Heroes for the Catacomb Team include "dark" versions of popular Catacombs Third Edition heroes such as Oleira, Xoric and Aprill in addition to the mysterious Werewolf hero. Finally, there is additional content for Catacombs Third Edition in the form of the Wraith Knight family of monsters, two new items and two new spells.

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Product Name
Keystones & Keeps
Product Type
Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion
Integrates With
Catacombs & Castles
Box Dimensions
9.65" x 9.65" x 1.8"
Release Date
June 2017
0.50 kg
Current Printing
1st Printing

Box Contents

  • 1x Pit Game Board
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2x Sticker Sheets
  • 6x Pit Cards/Player Mats
  • 8x Castle Hero Cards
  • 9x Catacomb Hero Cards
  • 2x Item Cards
  • 2x Spell Cards
  • 7x Monster Cards
  • 2x Black Large Wood Discs
  • 7x Black Medium Wood Discs
  • 1x White Large Wood Disc
  • 3x White Medium Wood Discs


Dice Tower - Seal of Approval


The Dice Tower - Keystones & Keeps Review

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