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AUGUST 21st 2019

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Elzra's new cube building & tile laying tabletop game!

Help build the town of Stormtryne from the Catacombs universe! In Catacombs Cubes, you take on the role of a Catacombs hero and compete to expand the small village into its full glory!

Use wooden cubes to build unique structures, and then add them to the Village Grid. Put a tile in the right place to enable combos that can quickly turn the tide of a game. Strategic tile placement, efficient resource management, and timely combos will determine the victor!


Pick Your Hero

Play with your friends in agame of up to four players. Or, try the included solo mode and reach the rank of grand master!


Gather & Build

Collect resources which take the form of wooden cubes and construct unique 3D buildings.


Earn Rewards

Completing a building expands the Village Grid and earns you rewards and Victory Points. The more complex, the better the rewards!


Spend Coins

Spending coins allows you to perform special actions, opening up new strategies and satisfying combos.


Complete The Town

When the town is complete, the winner is determined by how much they contributed.


Neoprene Playmat

Available for Catacombs Cubes is a high quality 26x26 illustrated playmat to enhance your gaming experience.