Before you continue, please take the time to inspect your items.

Have you checked your items against the component lists?

Please make sure you know if you have everything before you fill out the form! Below are the component lists for all products. Note that you do not have to check off anything on these lists, the check boxes are just to make it easier to inspect your items.

Are your components within production tolerance?

While all items go through a quality assurance stage, there are many thousands of small parts to process at the factory and it's easy for a bad one to sneak through. Different components have different levels of tolerance for what is considered acceptable for sale. Please make sure your items are within tolerances before reporting a defect.

Stickers & Punchboards
Sticker Cut Example Graphic

You'll notice stickers and tokens have more graphic than the size of the actual cut. This is called bleed, and is meant to account for a small amount innacuracy during the cutting process. Generally, if your sticker or token is within this bleed, it is considered acceptable and is not defective. Exceptions can be made for cuts that are right at the edge of the bleed, as sometimes they can look bad. We want our games to look good!

Game Boards

Boards with crushed corners, bubbling, significant warping, peeling, or anything that will obviously negatively impact the playing experience is considered defective. Note that minor warping of the board or minor imperfections in the coating/finish are not considered defects.


Cards with tears, folds, creases, poor quality print, or significant misalignment are defective. Cards that only show a couple milimeters of misalignment or tiny imperfections in coating are not considered defective.

Wood Pieces

Wood pieces that are obviously the wrong shape or cracked are considered defective. Wood pieces that are poorly finished in a way that effects gameplay are also considered defective. Minor rough spots or imperfections are not considered defective.


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