Backer Exclusives

As an incentive to pledge to our Kickstarter projects, we develop extra content for our game titles that is exclusively for the backers who help us get the product into production. In some cases this backer exclusive content can be purchased from our online store after the crowdfunding campaign has ended, and not at other stores.

Catacombs and Castles Kickstarter

Resurrection Packs

for the Catacombs and Castles Kickstarter, we have returned many of the backer exclusive items from the Catacombs Third Edition Kickstarter project. These items have been organized into 3 different "Resurrection Packs" than can be purchased individually.

Resurrection Pack 1

Resurrection Pack 1

  • Four Heroes: Amazon, Fire Mage, Forest Sprite, Huntress (including her wolf companion)
  • Seven Zombie Horde Monsters
  • Five Hero Ability Cards
  • Six Spell Cards
  • One Flame Antient

  • Resurrection Pack 2

    Resurrection Pack 2

  • Three Heroes: Ice Mage, Raven Empress, Vampire Noble
  • Four Catacomb Lords: Behemoth, Enchantress, Ice Dragon, Vampire Lord
  • One Spell Card
  • Three Item Cards (including Vermin Blade Item)
  • One Vampire Guard Monster
  • One Special Room Card
  • Two Room Cards
  • One Stone Antient

  • Resurrection Pack 3

    Resurrection Pack 3

  • One Dual Fold Game Board (Double Sided - Ice Cavern/Quartz Grotto)

  • Click here for a detailed checklist for the Resurrection Packs.