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Catacombs Third Edition

What card sleeves are compatible with this title?
We have tested the following card sleeves:
  • Fantasy Flight Supply - 50ct Standard American 57mm x 89mm Sleeves
  • Ultra Pro - 50ct Board Game Sleeves - Standard American - 56mm x 87mm
  • Legion Supplies - Board Game Sleeve 3 - Standard American - 59mm x 93mm
Is my turn over if my disc leaves the game board?
No, just put the piece back to where it left the board and finish your shot sequence. This applies also for target shots.
How does poison work?
If hit by a shot with the poison modifier, the player draws poison one card from the deck (in a couple of rare cases you would draw two) and places it face up on the poison section of the hero's player mat. If the values of all the poison cards ever equal or exceed the total starting healthof that hero, they are immediately killed and all poison cards get shuffled back into the poison card deck. Note that poison is an advanced feature of the game and is best not used with new players!
What do I keep after my hero died?
In the revised rules related to hero death, the hero keeps everything (coins, items, spells) except poison cards (if they have any) which are reshuffled back into the poison deck. If they have a stun card, that is removed as well. The hero returns to life at the beginning of the next room with half their health restored (rounded down). For the revised advanced rules, the same rules apply as the basic rules, however, the hero must be resurrected either by visiting the Healer or the use of the Phoenix Feather item to return to life again.
What are the four quadrants on the room cards for?
The four quadrants represent the four levels of monsters. For example, a monster icon in the top-right quadrant indicates that this monster is a level 2 monster. This helps the Overseer to place monsters efficiently.

Room Card Quadrants
How does the Heal Spell work?
The heal spell heals four health points of the hero who casts the spell. This spell can also be used on any other hero (the hero icon was missing from this card during the first printing of Catacombs Third Edition).

Heal Spell Card
If the familiar my hero controls destroys a monster, do I get the gold coins?
Heroes do not get the gold coins when their familiars destroy monsters. On the other hand, heroes do receive the gold coins from monsters destroyed by an ally they have recruited from the Inn.
Why are the giant fireball spell and heal all spell in the base game?
In the reprinted version of the Catacombs base game, the Wizard was changed such that he can choose any ten spells. Those ten spells can come from the base Catacombs game or any other expansions that you own.
Are there two or three missile shots included?
In the first printing (R1P1) there are three included missile shots. In the second printing (R2P1) there are two missile shots. The second printing manual had an error on page showing three missile shots.
Where are monsters that are destroyed during the encounter with the Catacomb Lord placed?
These monsters are returned to the monster pool. The first and second printings of the manual said that destroyed monsters are returned to the player mat, which was an error. On page 19 the text should read "Monsters destroyed during the encounter with the Catacomb Lord are returned to the Monster Pool."
What are the little icons on the bottom left of all the cards?
These icons are game identifiers. They indicate which game the card belongs to. As of writing this, all of the cards in our current line of games have an identifier.
Elzra game identifiers
How do I play with the Wraith Knight (Catacomb Lord) or King's Champion (Castle Lord) in Catacombs?
The Wraith Knight (Catacomb Lord) or King’s Champion (Castle Lord) start with the amount of health indicated on their Rules card. They start with two of each type of Warrior, up to a maximum of three types (for a total of six Warriors).
The Mercenary for both the Castle and Catacomb Lord is shown on their Rules card.
Reinforcement tokens aren’t used.
How is a repeat shot performed? Can I use a ranged disc?
The repeat shot is a Character shot, meaning it is performed by flicking the Character’s disc at the target. A ranged disc cannot be used.

Catacombs Third Edition Reprint

What are the component changes in the Catacombs Third edition reprint?
The number of cards was increased from 132 to 140. The card thickness was increased. The sticker sheets were re-organized and a plastic lamination was applied to them. The Gelatinous Cube stickers were improved with new artwork. The coins are now on a punchboard with new artwork. We supply a mini ruler on the punchboard for those who want to be precise about the placement of ranged discs. The way that health is tracked for allies was changed on the player mats. The concept of "variant monsters" was removed such that all monsters now receive their own sticker. Ghouls became large gray discs, Trolls became medium green discs. The missile shot discs are larger. Wood discs are now packed in separate bags according to size to improve packaging accuracy. The game's box is not as tall (retailers complained about the box size) and a new insert was added. The colours on the game boards are brighter, more vivid and a plastic lamination was applied. The walls are now assembled using plastic stands. The manual was completely overhauled with a new layout and expanded from 24 to 28 pages.
What are the card changes in the Catacombs Third edition reprint?
New Stunned!cards were added. Additional Poisoned! cards were added. The '5' value Poisoned! card was replaced by a '0' value card. The Wizard's sequence was updated to Shield Shot -> Melee and he may choose any 10 spells at the start of the game. The Skeleton Explorer receives an upgrade to his hero rules card. The Heal spell had the hero icon added to it (that was a misprint). The two Shield spell cards were replaced by two Magic Gate spell cards which bring the Open Portal shot into the base Catacombs game. The Liquid Antient gets updated banners and the Invulnerable Health icon. The layout of the Gelatinous Cube shot sequence was improved on its monster card. The Vampire Bat's poison melee shot was reduced from drawing two poison cards to one. The Armoured Beetle's health was reduced from 2 to 1 and a defensive property nullifying missile shots was added. The Zombie may only perform an unmodified melee shot. Alternative sequences now have a dotted rectangular outline to improve clarity. The following room cards were eliminated: Sepulcher of the Sisters (too many poison monsters), Castle Mephoth (too difficult), Forbidden Ossuary (too similar to Athenoch Mortuary). The shot sequence on the Chicken Champion's Feather's of Fury ability card was upgraded from Rush -> Rush -> Rush -> Rush to Rush -> Melee -> Rush -> Rush.

Changed Cards
What are the major rule changes in the Catacombs Third edition reprint?
The discussion related to the poison modifier was moved to the advanced rules section. Ice shots cannot freeze Catacomb Lords (this was omitted by mistake from the first printing of the manual). Spell casters may choose any two spell cards when recruited as allies. When casting a spell, a spell caster always performs a rush shot first. When a hero dies they now return to life during the Setup Phase of the next battle room with half of their starting health (rounded down). Resurrecting heroes is now an advanced rule (see the manual for more details). Monster vulnerabilities were added to the advanced rules. The manual now grades the Catacombs Lords from weakest to strongest.
How does the updated implementation of the stun modifier work?
Shots with the stun modifier leave the affected hero temporarily able to only perform a single rush shot. Place the Stunned! card over the affected hero’s Rules card. On their turn, a player may only perform a single rush shot with a stunned hero until that hero is hit directly by any melee or rush shot from one of their teammates (including another stunned hero). Remove the Stunned! card when this happens. When the Battle Phase for a room ends, all stunned heroes return to normal and players remove all Stunned! cards. If a hero is stunned and has a familiar in play (see page 18), the player controlling the hero can still perform the familiar’s action as normal. However, in the case of the Raven Familiar, no spells can be cast from its location while its owner is stunned. If only one hero is able to perform their normal action(s) during the Battle Phase (the others may be dead, devoured or teleported), the effects of the stun modifier (and the bite shot, see page 22) on that hero are ignored.

Stunned cards
What is the new distribution of the poison cards?
The new distribution is as follows: 2x 0 poison, 5x 1 poison, 2x 2 poison, 3x 3 poison, 1x 4 poison.

Poison Card Changes

Promotional Cards

Where can I get the promo cards?
The Shadowlithe Fist(for the Thief) and the Teleport Chicken(for the Chicken) are included in the Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir expansion.

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Catacombs Cavern of Soloth

How does the Paladin's ability, Ethereal Amulet and Semplara's Amulet work?
Have the Paladin's two Armour ability cards face up and flip each one over when the player controlling the Paladin chooses to nullify the Overseer's shots. The two Armour ability cards refresh in the next Setup phase, as normal. Playing this way avoids the potential issue of having to spend an action to activate the ability card. And yes it is the same for the Ethereal Amulet too. Semplara's Amulet is always active as it is a permanent item and protects the hero from melee and missile with the fear modifier shots.
How does the Witch Hunter's Skeleton Hand and Orc Hide Shield abilities work?
The Skeleton Hand functions in the same fashion as the Paladin's Imperial Armour ability cards. They are used once per room and are flipped over after nullifying one of the shot types and/or modifiers in the nullifies box on the cards. The Orc Hide Shield also reflects one point of damage back at the attacker.

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Resurruection Packs

Can Maireya, the Raven Empress, summon the old stone antient or only the young one?
It is the player's choice, which stone antient she summons.
Is there a way to get the Kickstarter exclusive content from the Catacombs Third Edition campaign?
Yes, from our online shop. The two add-ons from that campaign, the Zombie Horde and Chicks in a Catacomb, were combined into Resurrection Pack 1. Resurrection Pack 2 contains the content from the stretch goal pack that was originally called Crypt of Shaurath. Resurrection Pack 3 is the bonus Catacombs game board featuring the Ice Cavern and Quartz Grotto.

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Catacombs & Castles

What card sleeves are compatible with this title?
We have tested the following card sleeves:
  • Fantasy Flight Supply - 50ct Standard American 57mm x 89mm Sleeves
  • Ultra Pro - 50ct Board Game Sleeves - Standard American - 56mm x 87mm
  • Legion Supplies - Board Game Sleeve 3 - Standard American - 59mm x 93mm
Which team goes first?
The following applies to Team Mode:
When playing on the Castle side of the game board, Team Castle places an obstacle first (their “home field” advantage) and one of the heroes from Team Catacomb takes the first action of the game.
When playing on the Catacomb side of the game board, Team Catacomb places an obstacle first and one of the heroes from Team Castle takes the first action of the game.
The following applies to Boss Mode:
The Overseer player always an action first.
What are the short gray medium wood discs for? Is this a defect?
These two discs are intentionally shorter than the others. We call them "coin sized" discs. They are unique to the Shuriken and Longbow shots.
Shuriken and Longbow Coin Discs Comparison
Is there friendly fire?
As in Catacombs, there is no friendly fire among teammates.
What happens if a piece leaves the board during a shot sequence?
The piece is simply placed back on the board approximately where it left. After placing it back on the board it continues the sequence where it left off. The shot it was executing at the time it came off the board is considered a miss and isn’t repeated (unless it’s a shot that allows more than one action or attempt).
Can damage inflicted by warriors be used to power up ability cards?
No, warriors don’t have ability cards associated with them. Health Tokens are discarded.
What happens if someone tries to free someone under a net/web and they themselves get caught under the net/web?
The net/web is treated as removed. The saviour does not get trapped.
Where are the Catacombs & Castles stretch goals?
The Catacombs & Castles stretch goals are packed in a box labelled Siege Defender. The Siege Defender pack can be purchased exclusively on The Catacombs Shop here.
What strategies can players use to protect themselves from the net / web shots?
Experienced players will use the available tools to deal with the net / web enabled characters effectively. The key is not to let those heroes get into position to shoot a net / web shot in the first place. Push them away at any opportunity using Warriors, rush shots or ranged attacks. Always protect against them when choosing where to position a shield. Re-position the net / web enabled heroes using the grab action of the claw / grapple shots. Use Team Castle’s temporal shifts to send Team Catacomb’s Queen back to her Start Zone.
How do Warriors work in Team Mode?
A player can perform the shot sequence of any friendly Warrior on the board after a Hero’s portrait card they control is rotated (tapped).
From a balance perspective, the Egg shot (that summons a Warrior) does not inflict any damage and a Warrior cannot take an action on the same turn that it was summoned.
To be clear, a Warrior is not flipped over in Team Mode as in Boss Mode.

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Wyverns of Wylemuir

How does the elastic connector work?
Elastic connectors enable the player to perform shots in a sequence in any order they choose.
For example, the sequence Chain Melee ((( Chain Missile is equivalent to ( Chain Melee > Chain Missile ) | ( Chain Missile > Chain Melee ) Elastic Connector Example

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Keystones + Siege Defender

The heroes in both Keystones & Keeps and Siege Defender have unique native abilities on their Hero Rules cards. How many additional Ability cards do these heroes use?
Catacombs & Castles Team Mode: Choose one additional Ability card from their team (except the Querlossus).
Catacombs & Castles Boss Mode: No additional Ability cards are chosen. Abilities must still be charged up where required. Note The Gelatinous Cube hero cannot capture Castle Lords, Catacomb Lords, or Antients.
Catacombs Third Edition: Treat native abilities like standard ability cards in Catacombs Third Edition. They are used once per room and don’t have to be charged up. The following are exceptions:
  • Flame Mage/Baroness - as they don’t have a standard shot sequence, there is no restriction on the use of their ordered shot sequences (turn 1, turn 2, etc.).
  • Werewolf - no restriction on the use of his Transmogrify ability.
  • Gelatinous Cube - no restriction on the effect of his Devour ability, but note he can only capture a single two health monster at a time. He cannot capture Castle Lords, Catacomb Lords, or Antients.
  • Gelatinous Bunny - no restriction on the effect of his ability.
  • Berserker Mage - his ability is always in affect.
  • The Quardian - The Quardian’s ability works differently in Catacombs Third Edition. During the setup phase, the player controlling the Quardian draws one Armour token if they don’t have one already. To be clear, a player cannot stockpile multiple Armour tokens.
The Baroness doesn’t have a unique ability on her Rules card like the others. Do I still only pick one extra Ability card?
Yes. While it isn’t named, her ability to rotate between four different sequences is considered a unique ability. She only picks one ability card like the others.
What can affect the Querlossus?
The Querlossus is only immune to damage, he can still be moved by the Vortex, Temporal Shift, grapple/claw, and can be captured by the Web shot.
Does The Berserker Mage’s Retaliation interrupt a shot sequence? Can he use it for each time he is hit during an action?
No, the whole action or sequence must be completed before Salavi’s Retaliation is used. He only gets to use it once even if the attacker hit him multiple times during their action.

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Catacombs Conquest

When will Catacombs Conquest become available?
The Kickstarter for Catacombs Conquest is in the fulfillment stage. The date for the retail release is undetermined at this time.
What languages will Catacombs Conquest be available in?
We have a number of different language versions of Catacombs Conquest planned. At the moment, Catacombs Conquest is only available in english.