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Our team began designing our first product, Catacombs, in early 2008.  After extensive design, development and play testing, it was released in March 2010 and sold out within 6 weeks.  It won the BoardGameGeek.com award for most innovative game of 2010 and won the Dice Tower best innovative game award for 2010.  The second printing of Catacombs was released in 2011 and sold out at wholesale in a single day.  Two expansions Cavern of Soloth (which added more heroes, monsters and items among other new features) and Dark Passageways (which added new room exploration cards) were released in 2011.  Catacombs had the distinction of being chosen as Geek Dad's game of the year for 2011.  A third expansion, Horde of Vermin, was released in 2012.

Sands of Time Games is now Elzra Corp. as of January 2014.  The company is based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.   Aron West, one of the co-designers of Catacombs, is the creative director of the company.  Co-Founders Ryan Amos and Marc Kelsey remain involved in an advisory capacity.

In April 2014 the company ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Catacombs Third Edition and the Cavern of Soloth Third Edition expansion set. Both titles were released to retail in 2015 and sold out at wholesale within days.

In January 2016, the company announced the Kickstarter campaign for their next title in the expanding world of Catacombs: Catacombs & Castles. This campaign successfully finished at the end of June 2016 with fulfillment expected in late 2016. In addition to Catacombs & Castles, Catacombs Third Edition and Cavern of Soloth are being printed as part of the same run.

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Elzra Corp
272-1063 King St W
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4S3

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